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Institutions' Innovation Council (IIC)

The Assam Kaziranga University's Guideline Framework(IIC)

The Innovation Council of the institution was formed in 2019 to support various activities related to innovation, intellectual property rights, start-ups, and entrepreneurship. The IIC cell meets once per quarter to organise quarterly activities and evaluate those that have previously been done. As a result of these activities, students may be able to participate in MHRD's various innovative initiatives and competitions. On a regular basis, students meet with prominent businesses and professors. They are given the opportunity to expand on their concepts. KU-IIC aids students in developing a prototype using cutting-edge technologies in order to gain confidence. Students are engaged in a particularly healthy environment, from inspiration to start-ups.


  • To promote and encourage new-age innovators and entrepreneurial talents within the academic and student community.


  • Creating a sustainable ecosystem of Innovation, R&D, and Engineering by establishing a Center of Innovation with Pre-Incubation.
  • Establishing relationships with Incubation Centers around the country.
  • In aligned with the Ministry of Education's major project, "Startup India."
  • Enhancing relationships between universities, research institutes, industry, and the private sector.
  • Promoting enterprises that relate to a region's distinct opportunities.


The purpose of the IIC is to work in tandem with the MIC cell to oversee the university's various activities.

  • To carry out different innovation and entrepreneurship-related initiatives in a time-bound manner as directed by the Central MIC.
  • Recognize and reward new ideas, as well as share success stories.
  • Create a mentor pool for student innovators by hosting monthly workshops, seminars, and exchanges with entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals. Network with peers and national entrepreneurship development organizations.
  • Create an Institutional Innovation Portal to promote innovative projects undertaken by teachers and students at the institution.
  • Involve industry in hackathons, concept competitions, and mini challenges, for example.

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