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The Assam Kaziranga University

MoU Between The Assam Kaziranga University and LabourNet Services India Pvt. Ltd

MoU Between The Assam Kaziranga University and LabourNet Services India Pvt. Ltd

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between The Assam Kaziranga University, Jorhat and LabourNet Services India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore on 11 November 21 in an MoU signing ceremony held on the University campus. 

LabourNet Services India Pvt. Ltd is one of India's leading social enterprises that enables sustainable livelihoods for disadvantaged men, women and youth in urban and rural areas. The enterprise has a three-pronged engine that integrates social and business impact by bridging the education, employment, and entrepreneurship gaps. Labournet was represented by Dr Gayathri Vasudevan, Co-Founder and Chairperson and Mr Rajesh A R, Co-Founder and CEO. Dr Gayathri Vasudevan, a top-ranking businesswoman and entrepreneur in India, while speaking during the ceremony, observed that LabourNet was glad to collaborate with Kaziranga University to work towards the joint goal to improve the livelihood of youth and vulnerable communities. Mr Rajesh A.V. was impressed upon creating learning paths that help sustain and continue learning, certification and growth, engaging the youth in a well-directed development process. 

Dr Gayathri and Mr Rajesh were appreciative of the efforts taken by the University in skill development by way of training infrastructure and programmes. 

Ms Rainy Khetan, Director, The Assam Kaziranga University, suggested including skilling programmes to address gender disparities, especially in male-dominated skill sectors. Several proposals for skill development among graduate students were also proposed by Deans of various schools of the University that can make students more employable within the Northeast and be able to seek opportunities at national and global levels. These proposals will be developed into actionable initiatives in the coming days with due consultations with all stakeholders. 

Both the University and LabourNet expressed their commitment to leveraging each other's strength to successfully work towards skill development and livelihood programs to impact peoples' lives.


Event: MoU Signing Ceremony between KU SET & Labournet.

Date: 11/12/21

Mode: Physical

Organized by: K.U. School of Engineering and Technology.


1. Registrar Sir, Dr Diganta Munshi.

2. Dr Gayathri Vasudevan, CEO, Co.founder, LabourNet.

3. Mr Rajesh Ar, Executive Director. 

4. Deans of all Schools.

5. Faculties from K.U. School of Engineering & Technology.

6. Centre of Excellence (CoE), Dean KU SETDr P.G. Ramesh.