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The Assam Kaziranga University

National Recycling Day Activity

National Recycling Day Activity

Event Name: Waste to Use
Event Date: 15th November 2021
Event Mode: Both Physical & Virtual
Organized By: Entrepreneurship Club 

The Entrepreneurship Club of the Assam Kaziranga University has organized an activity on the occasion of World Recycling Day i.e. "Waste to Use". Students were asked to create a model/ artwork/ prototype out of the waste they collect and present it in the form of a useful or functional product. The model should be created out of any form of previously used and discarded materials. For Example: (thermocol, glass, papers, bottles, brush, cans, plastics, clothes, or any other waste material). 

The winner of the competition is:

  1. Panchi Borthakur - MSc, Microbiology, 3rd Semester, School of Health Sciences