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Webinar on Knowledge and Skills with Saylor Academy

Webinar on Knowledge and Skills with Saylor Academy

The Assam Kaziranga University has signed a Skill Development Agreement with Saylor Academy (USA) to provide TAKU students with new pathways to increase access to higher education, skill development through specialized courses, and enhance employability by providing certificates for the specialized courses.

Saylor Academy is a not-for-profit organization based out of the US. It offers more than 100+ free online courses for learners across the globe. In India, Saylor Academy is recognized by NSDC, under its e-skill India initiative, as a knowledge partner (https://eskillindia.org/Home/ourknowledgepartners/#38190320200403074815).

An online webinar was conducted on 21st May 2021 to mark this academic partnership between The Assam Kaziranga University and Saylor Academy.

The key speakers of the webinar were

  1. Dignata Munshi, Registrar, The Assam Kaziranga University
  2. PG Ramesh, Dean SET, The Assam Kaziranga University
  3. Jacqueline Arnold, Director of Strategic Relationships and Communications at Saylor Academy, USA
  4. Archana Thakran, Strategic Relationships Consultant to Saylor Academy, India

The webinar was moderated by Ms. Rhea Mathews, Assistant Professor The Assam Kaziranga University, and the event was coordinated by Mr. Biswajit Doley, Manager Administration at The Assam Kaziranga University.