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A hands-on training on "advanced mammalian cell culture"

A hands-on training on "advanced mammalian cell culture"

Event name: A hands-on training on "advanced mammalian cell culture".

Event date: 25/09/2023 - 27/09/2023 (3 days)

Event location: IIT, Guwahati

Organized by: IITG Research Park  & agengies such as BIRAC


The goal of this hands-on course was to instruct and prepare researchers and students in fundamental cell culture methods. Daily lectures were attended by the participants regarding basic foundation of cell culture and its use in contemporary biology. Extended laboratory sessions were then showcased these techniques. The participants had a fundamental understanding of cell culture methods, such as cytotoxicity tests, cryopreservation, cell harvesting, sub-culturing, and immunofluorescence after attending the workshop/hands on training. The methods of cell culture are essential to many scientific and medical research domains. Hence, our students who received training in this field will be better equipped to study diseases, perform fundamental research, and create novel medications or vaccinations in the near future. This will also enable them in near future to involve and participate in basic   research as well as in higher studies. The program went for three successful days with proper technical sessions and ended with a valedictory session that was followed by certificate presentation ceremony.

Workshop Topics:

The following techniques are done real hands-on by each candidate using HeLa cells (cervical cancer cell line).

  1. Cell culture techniques, passaging and maintenance of human cancer cell lines
  2. Media preparation
  3. Cryopreservation: Freezing & thawing of human cancer cell lines
  4. Cell couting
  5. Nuclei staining
  6. MTT Assay for cell proliferation/cytotoxicity
  7. Apoptotic or cell death assay

Attendees (students names) – MMLT III semester students

  1. Puja Nath
  2. Ani Natung