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The Assam Kaziranga University

Lecture on ‘Social Work’ organized by the School of Social Sciences

Lecture on ‘Social Work’ organized by the School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences hosted a captivating guest lecture on January 31, 2024, featuring Dr. Sabina Yasmin Rahman as the esteemed speaker. The event delved into the realm of social work, exploring the methods and practices integral to the field.

Commencing the session, Dr. Rakesh Rai, the Dean of the School of Social Sciences, extended a warm welcome to Dr. Rahman, setting a positive tone for the lecture. Dr. Rahman commenced her discourse by emphasizing the essence of professionalism in social work, providing valuable insights into both primary and secondary methods employed in the field.

The presentation unveiled the historical roots of social work in India, offering students a profound understanding of its evolution. Dr. Rahman shared key dates and pivotal events, shedding light on the progression of social work within the country.

Highlighting milestones, Dr. Rahman commented on significant developments such as the establishment of the Indian Journal of Social Work by TISS in 1940 and the pioneering book on social work published by the institution. Furthermore, she touched upon crucial UGC reviews during the 1990s and 2000s that shaped the landscape of social work education. Dr. Rahman's discourse extended to the vital skills essential for successful social work, emphasizing the delicate balance among the individual needs and interests. The scope of social work was also presented, offering students a comprehensive view of the profession's reach and impact.

The interactive segment allowed students to actively engage with Dr. Rahman, leading to a session that was not only informative but also encouraged meaningful discussions. Numerous students shared their fieldwork experiences, contributing to a richer understanding of the practical aspects of social work.

The session concluded with remarks from the Associate Dean of the School of Social Sciences and a vote of thanks by Rituparna Hazarika, a student in the MSW 4th semester. The guest lecture proved to be a valuable opportunity for students to draw perception and understanding from an expert in the field, leaving them inspired and better equipped for their future ventures in social work.