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The Assam Kaziranga University

The Assam Kaziranga University organized its 9th convocation ceremony for the Graduating Batch of 2023

The Assam Kaziranga University organized its 9th convocation ceremony for the Graduating Batch of 2023

One of the leading University of the North East India, The Assam Kaziranga University organized its 9th convocation ceremony on 11th of July 2023. The ceremony was conducted for a total of 665 students including PhDs of 2023 batch. The convocation ceremony signified a significant landmark in the academic journey of the University.

The graduation ceremony took place at the University campus in Koraikhowa, Jorhat. The Chancellor of the University, Shri Basant Khetan, inaugurated the ceremony. The chief guest, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, who is the Honorable Chief Minister of Assam, congratulated the graduating students and highlighted the importance of universities for the overall development of society. He spoke about our country's rich civilization and the responsibility we all have to carry forward with knowledge and wisdom. The Chief Minister urged the students to be knowledgeable and discussed how education can bring positive changes to society. He praised the university's management, infrastructure, and its contribution to higher education in the northeastern region. The Chief Minister also assured the university of necessary assistance and guidance in promoting quality higher education in the future.

Shri. Basant Khetan, the Chancellor of The Assam Kaziranga University, expressed gratitude to the honorable Chief Guest and all the esteemed guests for attending the convocation ceremony. He emphasized the significance of discipline and perseverance in one's life, along with the need for an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset to contribute to the country's social economy. He also highlighted the importance of patience and confidence in facing life's challenges. Lastly, he stressed the value of unity and strength that comes from standing together.

The Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. P K Mishra, praised and congratulated the graduating students. During the ceremony, Dr. Mishra highlighted the important role played by The Assam Kaziranga University in promoting high-quality higher education in the region. He discussed the university's achievements and emphasized the need to bring academic excellence to transform the higher education landscape in the area. Dr. Mishra also stressed the importance of enhancing skill development and research to bring development to the north-eastern region. He highlighted the significance of providing advanced facilities to empower the youth, enabling them to become responsible citizens and contribute to the growth and development of the region and the nation as a whole. Dr. Mishra reiterated the university's commitment to shaping the future of the region through quality and value-based higher education.

Two distinguished individuals were awarded Honorary Doctorates by the University. The first recipient, Dr. Abhay Bang, is a renowned doctor who is widely recognized for his social work, activism in public health, community health research, and his significant contributions as a change-maker. In his inspiring speech, Dr. Abhay Bang congratulated all the graduating students and encouraged them to work hard, cultivate perseverance, and embrace the challenges that come their way. He emphasized the importance of using knowledge and education to transform the destiny of the nation, highlighting that problems are temporary and should be seen as opportunities for new beginnings.

Shri. Sonam Wangchuk, a Mechanical Engineer by profession, was awarded the second Honorary Doctorate in his absence. He is known for his innovative mindset, efforts in education reform, and dedication to environmental conservation.

Other distinguished personalities present in the convocation ceremony were- Ms. Rainy Khetan, Director of Kaziranga University, Shri Bimal Borah, the Honorable Minister of Industries, Commerce & Public Enterprises Department & Cultural Affairs, Government of Assam, Professor Dr. Nani Gopal Mahanta, Education Adviser to the Government of Assam, Shri. Shyankanu Mahanta, a member of the governing body of Kaziranga University, Dr. Prashant Goswami, also a member of the governing body of Kaziranga University, and Shri. Shantikam Hazarika, another member of the governing body of Kaziranga University.

The Assam Kaziranga University takes great pride in awarding degrees to its students, as seen in the 9th Convocation Ceremony. The University firmly believes that the strength of a nation lies in the capable hands of its skilled youth. It has consistently worked towards offering industry-focused courses to students in the North East, aiming to create competent professionals with strong values and character. As the University bids farewell to its students, it wishes them success and encourages them to excel in all their future endeavors.